1. Can I take this training if I am NOT a Yoga Teacher? Are there any prerequisites to take this training?

 The Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training is open to everyone. If you have very little yoga experience, we especially recommend you attend 10 or more adult yoga classes of any kind. This will give you a good foundation and knowledge of the poses from personal experience and will make it easier to teach yoga to children.

 2. What are the ages that this training includes?

The Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training is primarily geared toward children ages 3-13. The applications and exercises can be modified for younger or older children.

3. What happens at the end of the training?

As teachers we understand that learning is lifelong.  This is also very true when you teach children. We recommend you continue with your learning with our private Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Facebook Group.

You will be able to ask questions in this community and will be able to connect with other kids yoga and mindfulness teachers. We also regularly send e-mail updates, resources and ideas.

 Support and learning definitely continues. You will be able to share any wins, struggles, gain feedback and ask questions at any time.

 4. What other costs does this training include?

 There are no hidden costs. Your enrollment includes downloadable guides and templates, yoga pose visuals, kids yoga lesson plans, posters, class resources and all that you need to know for teaching kids yoga. 

You will receive our tested lesson plans, tips for what works and what doesn’t work, and real examples from years of teaching kids yoga. At the end of this training, you can feel confident to effectively teach yoga and mindfulness to children. 

5. Does this course include CEUs and PDP’s?

Registered yoga teachers are eligible for continuing education contract hours through Yoga Alliance non-contact hours. Additional professional organizations may recognize this course. Please inquire directly with them. We are happy to answer any other questions.

6. I have a different question

We would love to answer it! Please e-mail [email protected].


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